Cambo House Modern Wedding – Sharon + Pip

Cambo House Modern Wedding Photography Shout Outs:  Flowers and Floral  Work by Nat @ Heavenly Blooms // Music by Pacific Wedding Band // Lou + the amazing team @ Dunglass Estate // And, of course - Sharon + Pip themselves!


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Cambo House Modern Wedding

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Cambo House Modern Wedding

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Cambo House Modern Wedding

Cambo House Modern Wedding

Cambo House Modern Wedding - Sharon + Pip // Luke Bell Photography


To deliver a bespoke visual narrative of what is one of the most important days in your life I believe it's important that I capture you just as you are, with no awkward posing and no annoying requests for more shots. Just the two of you alongside your closest friends and family, photographed in an easy-going and unobtrusive manner.

I combine a nonintrusive, photojournalistic approach along with beautiful, modern portraiture that delivers a stylish set of images that tend to have a cinematic look. Nerves, joy, tears, love, and laughter take centre stage and my impact on your day is kept to the minimum.

To keep things nice and simple I offer digital wedding photography packages that deliver you perfect images for your special day – with no hidden costs or extra charges for things like travel, meals, or more hours.

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