Classic movies, insightful photojournalism, alternative music, contemporary art, and modern design have always huge sources of inspiration. But it's the genuine emotional connections between people that fascinate me most of all and weddings are wonderful occasions to observe and document them

The thing is, while I never tire of photographing the important, obvious moments: the vows, confetti, portraits, speeches, group shots, first dance, etc. What I enjoy the most - what I really love - is the challenge of making images that are less obviously "wedding photos". There's a few of my favourites here in this gallery and hopefully, they'll make you pause for a moment as you take them in.
It's all about the in-between instances: A final deep breath before walking down the aisle, a father's tears as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, or even the way the groom plays with his new wedding band. It’s about capturing genuine, unstaged gestures. Where atmosphere, emotion, and mood are front and centre and my impact upon them is minimal.

Contemporary Wedding Photographer

This gallery of photos from recent weddings and elopements represents everything that gets me excited about what I do: Fleeting moments, beautiful light and genuine emotions are what get me out of bed in the morning - and hopefully you will see all of these elements represented in the work shown here.


Modern Wedding Photography

I take incredible pride in the photos that I deliver to my brides and grooms, and I feel honoured that the images I make at a wedding are treasured by the people I create them for.
I routinely photograph weddings throughout the UK and abroad, so if you like what you see here in this portfolio and you'd like to learn more, then please don't hesitate to get in touch