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~ Elegant, innovative wedding photography of awesome people at the best venues + locations in Yorkshire, throughout the UK and beyond ~

York Wedding Photographer

Hey there! As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m Luke and I’m a York-based wedding photographer who loves nothing more than creating beautiful, honest images of amazing people at the best venues and destinations in Yorkshire, throughout the country and even abroad as well. 

Leeds Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography isn’t just a full-time occupation for me, it’s something I’m genuinely passionate about and I’m constantly trying to make images that are beautiful, sincere and have an artistic, movie-like quality. Most of all though, they must mean something really special to my clients.

Contemporary Wedding Photographer

My approach to your wedding is driven by my need to capture images which need no explanation; where the story, lighting and emotion are clear and strong. It’s about making images with feeling, atmosphere and emotion. I look for the good stuff: A deep breath as the ceremony begins, the nervous holding of hands, the laughter during the speeches, drunk singing, terrible dancing – all of it.

I’ll be there from the preparations in the morning, right until the very end of the night. Capturing you both just as you are with no awkward poses and no annoying requests for more shots. Just the two of you photographed in your moment, along with your closest friends and family in an easy-going and unobtrusive manner.

And while I look to movies and cinematography for inspiration, my goal is to deliver you an honest set of images that are stylish, elegant and timeless. 

Stylish Photography With A Relaxed Approach

We’re very lucky that wedding days provide us with a unique opportunity. Where you – and everyone you care about in the world – are in one place together, ready to have the best of times. And as your wedding photographer, I don’t just want to “photograph” the day, I want to use it to create images that are special and hopefully just a little bit different from the norm too. Photos that have a bit of mystery about them, where the tricks I use to make them aren’t totally obvious and your imagination is left to fill in the blanks.

So, if you’d like to find out a bit more then please get in touch – as I’m very grateful you’ve visited my website. So if there’s something here in my images that speak to you and you’re looking for a photographer with a more non-traditional approach to your wedding day, then I’d love to hear from you.

While I’m a proud York wedding photographer, I’m available for work anywhere in the UK or beyond.

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