Elegant & emotive wedding photography with a thoroughly contemporary look. Across the UK & beyond

As you've probably already guessed, I’m Luke and I love nothing more than making modern wedding imagery with a bit of an editorial feel, of fabulous people having the absolute time of their lives, at the best locations across the UK and beyond.
I love great light, fleeting moments, small details and gorgeous colours. I prefer to keep things pretty minimal and there’s definitely a bit of a cinematic vibe going on too. But mainly, it's about creating beautiful, modern wedding photography for beautiful, modern couples.


⋈              R     E     F     R     A     C     T              ⋈

Editorial Wedding Photography

My approach to photographing weddings and elopements is driven by a need to capture important, thoughtful, and emotive instances in an interesting and artistic way. A deep breath as the ceremony begins. The first look. Tears during the speeches. Drunken singing. Even your dad’s terrible dancing. All of it. It’s about documenting these “scenes in between” with empathy and genuine interest.
I’ll be there, capturing you just as you are, as you experience one of the most incredible days of your life. Just the two of you alongside your closest friends and family. Photographed in an easy-going and unobtrusive manner.
And while I look to contemporary design, fashion, art, and movies for inspiration. My ultimate goal is to deliver you a gallery of beautiful, modern wedding photography that above all is interesting, thoughtful, and full of meaning.

Elegant Cinematic Wedding Imagery

Your wedding provides us with a unique opportunity: It’s the one time when you – and those you care about most in the world – are in one place together, ready to have THE. BEST. TIME. EVER. It would be a crime not to document it properly.
So, allow me to capture your day with curiosity, care and above all, feeling. Let’s make some wedding photos that not only resonate with you both for years to come – but are a little bit different from the norm too. A bespoke set of images that are stylish, yet meaningful.
If you’d like to find out more, then please do drop me a line as I’m incredibly grateful that you’ve visited my website and I’d love to hear more about what you’ve got planned for your big day.
While I’m a modern wedding photographer based in the UK, I’m available for work anywhere.