Along with my amazing wife, Kathie, and my gorgeous daughters, Rose and Wren. I love nothing more than nerding out to the photos of Christopher Anderson, Jack Davison and Alex Webb; 90’s indie rock; skateboarding (yup, you read that right), a comfy pair of slippers, the visual work of Greg HuntKhalil Joseph, Roger Deakins and Harris Savides (if you know, you know), a good book, a decent pint and the eternal search for beautiful, perfect light.

When I first started my career in photography, it was working with all kinds of subjects in the incredible surroundings of New Zealand – but not many weddings. Then, after returning to the UK, I eventually made the jump and I discovered very quickly that all I wanted to do was deliver images that stood out and really meant something to the people I was photographing.

A wedding day provides us with a unique opportunity. Where you and everyone you care about in the world are in one place together, ready to have the best of times. As your wedding photographer, I don’t just want to “photograph” the day, I want to use it to create images that are stylish, elegant and hopefully just a little bit different from the norm too.

I feel very lucky to say that wedding photography is my full-time job. I love it. I really do. I’m very grateful you’ve visited my website too. So if there’s something here in my work that speaks to you and you’re looking for a photographer with a fresh, modern approach for your wedding day, then I’d love to hear from you.


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